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New Initiatives

Behavioural psychology and marketing: what can brands learn?


Investing in Behavioural Psychology

Behavioural psychology deals with the subject of human actions. In terms of brands, campaigns and marketing, the opportunity to inform and strengthen work is huge. After all, what is marketing but the art of influencing behaviour and getting people to buy your product or service. When used correctly, behavioural psychology has the potential to be a powerful tool to guide creative work.

That’s why we’ve appointed Sara Garcia, who joins Together as a Behavioural Psychologist. She is boosting our insight proposition and offers value insights from a fresh new angle that brings behavioural science, combined with storytelling insights, to a commercial setting.

In her own words, Sara believes a scientific understanding of the psychological mechanisms underpinning human behaviour can help guide future projects and increase their effectiveness.

Or in other words, marketing and advertising targets people and attempts to modify their behaviour in some way. The psychological processes involved in these complex behaviours can be broken down and studied scientifically. This knowledge about human behaviour will now be used to underpin all our future work.


A bit about Sara

Sara completed her Undergraduate degree (2008-2011) in Spain before gaining work experience in Sweden and Northern Ireland. She then moved to Nottingham where she completed an MSc in Psychology (Distinction) at the University of Nottingham, developing her knowledge on the following: statistical and research methods; neuropsychology and applied neuroimaging; neuroscience and behaviour; cognitive psychology; social psychology and individual differences.

Sara has just completed her PhD in associative learning and attention, looking at how people learn to associate events in their environment and how these associations drive attention.


Contact us (details below) to find out more about how behavioural psychology could support your marketing efforts.