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Client shoot: Healthcare at Home

For months now, we’ve worked with Healthcare at Home (HaH) on social media, digital marketing, and the redevelopment of their website. In two recent photoshoots, we’ve brought their services to life.

The brand makes it possible for patients to receive vital home-based treatments for chronic – and sometimes life-threatening – conditions. Their work is essential, comforting, and empowering, yet their reliance on stock photography meant that despite our best efforts, their imagery just wasn’t telling their story. 

So, we proposed a series of photoshoots that would convey exactly what it’s like to be treated by HaH’s nurses and clinicians, showing off the healthcare heroes that make their services possible.

The first photoshoot took place at the HaH office in North Yorkshire, and showed the work that goes on behind the scenes. Using a reportage style of photography, we covered every aspect of the brand’s work, from the nursing and pharmacy teams to HR and logistics. We also captured the company’s pride in what they do, taking portrait shots of staff to run alongside quotes about how they give patients their best day everyday. 

The second showed ‘patients’ receiving treatments in the home. Due to the sensitivity of HaH’s work we partnered with Blake Models to cast the patients, then used real HaH nurses. They’re the true stars of the shoot, even advising on how to direct and set up the scene for the most authentic-looking interactions and treatments.

Every shot is warm and natural, intended to paint HaH’s services as accessible and reassuring. The most important aspect is the relationship we depict between nurse and patient: friendly, respectful, and comforting. Through this visual story, we hope to help the brand show prospective patients that, with Healthcare at Home, their treatment is in safe hands – and their life can get back to normality. 

The images will be used on every touchpoint of Healthcare at Home’s communications, including printed literature, digital, social, and internal comms. Thanks go to Scene Studios for their photography and creative support, Polly Jenson for makeup, and to Anil, Will, and Becca for creative direction and production. Take a look at Healthcare at Home on Facebook or LinkedIn for more of our work!