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Instagram: the must-have platform for influencer campaigns?


Influencer marketing growth

The rise (and rise) of influencer marketing over the last few years is well documented. In fact, 72% of marketers now believe that the quality of customers from influencer marketing campaigns is actually better than other forms of marketing. This is a bold statement. But given the ability of influencer marketing to connect your message with an engaged, active following, it’s also understandable.


But which platform is best?

Instagram is often referred to as the “home of influencers” and with good reason. The platform topped 1 billion active users some time ago, meaning it’s a gateway to a huge audience. 92% of influencers also say that Instagram is their networking platform of choice. And today more than 90% of all influencer campaigns include Instagram as part of the marketing mix. It seems the argument for Instagram is clear. The question now is, which influencers are right for your brand and your campaign?

One approach is to seek out influencers with the largest number of followers. However, there’s a trade-off – the cost per engagement is likely to be considerably high. Too high for the average marketing budget. Not to mention, research actually shows that on Instagram micro influencers – or individuals with between 1,000 and 100,000 followers – have seven times the engagement rate than mega-influencers. With stats like that, we felt confident recommending a campaign using micro influencers to Belvoir Fruit Farms earlier this year.


Harnessing the power of micro influencers on Instagram for a summer social campaign

Belvoir’s objective was to raise brand awareness over the summer, so we developed a series of insight-driven creative concepts as part of the socially-led campaign, “Summer, served”. The campaign was executed largely using advertising but supported by organic media too. However, following the success of previous influencer campaigns and to maximise audience engagement, we recommended incorporating influencers into the strategy.

We reached out to targeted influencers through our influencer engagement platform.
Their task was to give followers a ‘taste of summer with Belvoir’. It also took the pressure off of the Belvoir team as influencers could purchase the products at their local shop rather than wait for products to be sent out to them.


Campaign results vs client results

Within a week we had 200 pieces of high quality influencer-driven content we could use as part of the campaign.


From the 20 influencers we selected we:

• Reached over 445,000 potential consumers

• Generated 13,000 engagements

• And reused the creative content across other platforms and channels


For the client, this meant:

• Varied and creative content

• A lively Instagram feed

• A new channel for Belvoir to develop


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