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Our game-changing work for the British Game Alliance.

The British Game Alliance (BGA) is the official marketing board for the game industry. By bringing in tough standards and promoting the benefits of eating wild game, the BGA is ensuring a future for the industry and encouraging people to try game for the first time.

To raise awareness of game and engage consumers with their brand and mission, the British Game Alliance appointed us as their lead creative and marketing agency. So far, we’ve worked with them on photography, brand development, their new consumer-facing website, social media, and advertising.

Tom Adams, Managing Director of the British Game Alliance, says: “The BGA is striving to get more people eating game. So, we need to get our assured wild game into the hands of consumers, and that’s why we appointed Together. They’ve already helped us to define our consumer campaign brand and will now be supporting us across all platforms as we spread our message far and wide.”

Helping the BGA to tackle misconceptions and get game back into the hearts, minds and menus of consumers has been an exciting challenge. To see our work with the British Game Alliance