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Our work: University of Nottingham’s Undergraduate Prospectus

A university’s course prospectus is their single biggest piece of marketing to prospective undergraduate students. 

Hundreds of thousands are printed and distributed all over the world, designed to give a taster not just of the courses available, but of life on campus. It’s also often a student’s first interaction with the university. 

So, when we collaborated with the University of Nottingham to create their first content-led prospectus for 2021, we knew it would need to grab attention and leave a lasting impression.

The undergraduate prospectus forms part of the roll-out of the Global Student Recruitment Campaign creative, which is a project we won back in 2019. So far, we’ve produced the topline concept ‘This is your world’ along with UCAS fair stands and digital advertising, and the prospectus is the next project in the pipeline.

It’s not just a design project. UoN wanted help to condense and simplify the information to make it more accessible, as well as to reduce the size of the prospectus in order to lessen their environmental impact. We also supported the University in gathering insights on the habits and preferences of Gen Z to inform our design process, and used market research to test the options as we went. 

Beginning in September 2019, we’ve redesigned the introduction, course, and back pages; produced new course information tables that are easier to use; and artworked the whole thing. It’s just gone to print, and it’ll be distributed globally and made available online. 

Special mention to Sam and Ady for all their hard work on this project. Many of us at Together were also students in Nottingham, so we’re delighted to have been part of inspiring the next cohort of young minds to come to our brilliant city. You can see the prospectus yourself here.