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The rise of car leasing: challenging consumer perceptions


Market opportunity

The car buying market is changing. New car sales are in decline and yet 18.7 million drivers (that’s around 50% of all UK drivers) claim to want to upgrade their car in the next 12 months. Coupled with the fact that we’re seeing a noticeable shift towards online shopping brought on by COVID-19, and a surge in car leasing sales, and suddenly we’re at a point in time when car leasing might just be in a position to move out from the shadows and into the spotlight.

This is the market and the opportunity as we saw it when we pitched to earlier this year. During the pitch we shared our recommendations for a brand strategy that would capitalise on market growth and strengthen their position as the UK’s number 1 car leasing brand. The team at agreed. So shortly afterwards we were tasked with creating a Sky TV advert for linear TV and video on demand (VOD), all in relatively short time with very little assets during lockdown.

“This campaign also came with a tight turnaround time, and the team at Together produced some fantastic work at an incredible pace.”


Changing minds and challenging perceptions

We know from our research that car leasing is still in its infancy and the majority of people still want financial control and to make a cash buy. But we also know that 95% of these people are spending more time on in-home media consumption. And that there’s a 15% increase in purchase consideration when VOD is added to linear TV campaigns. So, a smart, carefully targeted TV ad is the perfect opportunity to redefine what consumers know (or think they know) about leasing cars.

Education leads to understanding, understanding to openness. And the good news is, the trend for change is already there. Consumers are already happily renting music (Spotify), mobile phones, film (Netflix) and delivery convenience (Amazon Prime) – and paying manageable monthly payments for it all – so the switch from car buying to car leasing is not such a big one after all.

“Together were instrumental in helping us launch our first TV campaign of 2020. The team expertly crafted an ad which encompassed our unique brand identity and clearly demonstrated our market leading proposition.”

Cloud-based working

The project was led by Will, our Account Director, and Anil, our Creative Director. Between them they have a vast amount of film and motion experience. However, with a production team spread across the UK due to COVID-19, a different approach was in order.

Through cloud-based working using the Adobe suite the team was able to work collaboratively despite being miles apart. We also decided from the outset to work on live assets rather than illustrations in our storyboards, speeding up the internal and client review process by 80%.

“Not only was our ad impactful, but the team went beyond the call of duty – showing great care across project management and planning.”

The end game

• We spent three weeks in pre-production, script writing, storyboarding, voiceover recording, editing and post-production.

• We produced a sleek, high quality TV ad that aired on Sky TV and iFollow as part of a targeted campaign rolled out across Birmingham and Manchester.


Results show the campaign:

• Reached 25,000 households

• Made 169,000 impressions

• With an average campaign reach of 78%

• We plan to repurpose the TV ad for digital use ready for the online marketing.


Watch the ad here:


“Ultimately Together showcased their creative flare but also enabled to capitalise on an important time-sensitive opportunity.”

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