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Whisky: the art and the science of two award-winning Single Malts

Best Single Cask, Single Malt – 10 years and under

There are thousands of single malt whiskies for consumers to choose from and more than 100 single malt distilleries in Scotland.

Yet despite a saturated and highly competitive market, Annandale Distillery’s Man O’ Words 2015 vintage was recently awarded ‘Best Single Cask, Single Malt – 10 years and under’, in Jim Murray’s 2021 Whisky Bible. Man O’ Sword, Annandale Distillery’s unpeated whisky, won the same accolade in 2020.

To give this some context, winning this accolade is incredibly hard to do. Winning two years in a row is unheard of. So how did Annandale Distillery do it?


Finding white space with sensory profiling

Every aspect of Annandale Distillery is about doing things differently. Right down to the flavours of its whisky. Normally this is decided by two things – the nature of the malt and the type of casks that you use. Nobody has ever reverse engineered this process. Until Annandale Distillery decided to use sensory analysis to develop its award-winning whisky range.

Through sensory profiling led by MMR Research, Annandale Distillery was able to find white space in a very crowded whisky universe – the sweet spot where it could credibly insert its peated and unpeated expressions.


The approach

• Approximately 60 Single Malts were selected for sensory profiling over a 12-month period

• A panel of 12 highly trained, professional sensory assessors carried out the sensory analysis

• A sensory map was created to identify any potential gaps and opportunities

The insight from these sensory profiles became the benchmark for everything that followed including plant design, the process, the maturation protocol and even Annandale Distillery’s branding and packaging.


The award-winning results

“How can a whisky this young be so hypnotic on the nose? I think we are going to have to consider the possibility that we have a truly world-class distillery in our midst…

So beautifully made and matured, the age seems almost irrelevant. The malt is absolutely immaculate: no malt should be quite this good as this still tender age…!”

Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible

Find out more…

You can find out more about Annandale Distillery and its award-winning Single Cask, Single Malt Whiskies here.

OR to find out more about Sensory Profiling please contact Thibault Delafontaine, Global Sensory Solutions Activator: [email protected]