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It’s no surprise that being happy and healthy at work usually goes hand in hand with productivity and the ability to do your job well. But what may be a surprise (or possibly not) to many employers is the extent to which coronavirus has impacted this balance.

A mental
health crisis

Many people with existing health conditions are now worse off since the pandemic. In June 2020, for example, 61% of people with anxiety said the pandemic was a contributing factor. And 56% of people living with existing mental health issues prior to lockdown said the pandemic had worsened their mental health (CIPD, 2020)1.

At home, 80% of working mothers say they’ve struggled to juggle childcare and work (Independent, 2020)2, and an additional 4.5 million people have become unpaid carers since the start of the pandemic  (The Guardian, 2020)3. Even suicide rates are at an all-time high.

Financial difficulty

Pay and financial security has also been adversely impacted. Over half (55%) of furloughed workers in June 2020 said their financial security has worsened, with 28% of non-furloughed workers also in agreement (CIPD, 2020)4.

Even as lockdown restrictions lift these issues are unlikely to resolve overnight. In fact, employers will face additional concerns as nearly half their workforce (44%) feel anxious about returning to the workplace (CIPD, 2020)5.

Getting back on track

The long-term effect on workplace wellbeing and business recovery is yet unknown. But it’s likely that those employers who are proactive about supporting their employees will be the ones that get back on track the quickest. We worked with one company to help promote an app that’s helping businesses do exactly that.

Creating a summary video to showcase the benefits of BHSF Connect

Client: BHSF Group Ltd

Objective: Drive brand awareness and increase app sales with new and existing customers

Channels: Web / app

Results: TBC

BHSF Connect is an app that puts essential services like 24/7 GP access, qualified counsellors, financial advice, legal expertise, shopping discounts and more at the fingertips of any workforce. But above all else, it empowers employees to take control of their own health and wellbeing.

We created the video to showcase these benefits using stock footage with voice over, iconography and dynamic transitions to bring the video to life.

You can watch the video in full here

A cloud-based working approach was used to streamline the process and speed up delivery.

The final video is futureproofed and flexible. For example, no logos or brand visuals were used that might date the video in the future. And a modular structure means BHSF can add to any section within the video, if say, a new app feature is launched in the future.voice over, iconography and dynamic transitions to bring the video to life.

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3 The Guardian – Coronavirus: 4.5m people in UK forced to become unpaid carers



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