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Care fertility

Branding & Advertising

What we did

Starting with an in-depth brand workshop, we deconstructed and redefined the CARE brand. We introduced a new brand essence, ‘Family is for everyone’, and reinvigorated the brand with a warm and approachable, yet still professional, identity. All of this was captured in a detailed set of in-depth brand guidelines, covering everything from logo use and colour palettes to a fresh tone of voice.

The Results.

This new branding gave us the look, feel, and personality we needed for a whole new approach to advertising We’ve rolled out CARE’s branding across multiple channels, rewriting and redesigning brochures and leaflets and producing ads for print, digital, and outdoor Over the years, we’ve also used brand immersion and research to create a series hard-hitting, emotive radio adverts, raising awareness of egg donation, clinic openings, and more.