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FOX’s biscuits

Brand Development and Shoot

What we did

Realising they had no identity outside of their Vinnie mascot, Fox’s set us a challenge to realign their brand. Fox’s product portfolio ranges from Party Rings to premium Viennese Fingers, so we proposed a series of creative platforms that brought everything together under the ‘Lovingly Baked’ proposition, but still allowed the products’ distinct personalities to shine through.

We dreamt up distinct identities for each range, from the bold vibrancy of Crunch Creams’ ‘King of the Tin’ to Premium’s aspirational ‘Moments to Savour’, while our consistent new tone of voice made everything feel like part of the same family.

And to bring it all to life, we conceptualised, directed and produced a lifestyle and recipe shoot and created delicious new content with a chef and food stylist.