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Unwrapping Our Latest Project With Mission Wraps

We sat down with our Associate Account Director, Katy, who gave us all the details about this exciting project we recently completed for Mission Wraps. So whether you’re a traditional wrap folder or more of a fumbler when putting together your creations, take a seat and join us on a journey through our latest marketing campaign.

Can You Give Us An Overview Of The Brief?

“We’ve been working with Mission Wraps for a couple of years now. What started as just looking after their organic social, has evolved into a full social strategy including paid media, landing page development, SEO, PPC and influencer management. This brief landed at the end of last year- a multichannel campaign called ‘Wrap Your Way’. Mission’s PR team created a survey, putting it out to 2000 consumers to understand how people use wraps in their everyday lives. The findings uncovered that everyone uses wraps in completely different ways and ultimately, there is no right or wrong way to wrap a wrap. So, working alongside the PR team we had to take these findings and bring them to life in a fun, energetic and entertaining way to encourage conversations around the brand and people’s ‘wrap styles'."

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What Were The Deadlines And Deliverables?

“The brief was fully signed off in early January this year, we then had around 4 weeks to carry out all the pre-production planning for the shoot which was scheduled for February. After the filming, we had a few weeks to edit and turn everything around for the go-live date of 2nd April.

There were a lot of moving parts for this project as we had a number of deliverables including:

  • 1x Master 30 seconds YouTube ad

  • 18x Stills imagery

  • 18x Google ads

  • 8x Meta ads (static and motion)

  • 2x TikTok ads

  • 1x Campaign landing page

  • 13x Influencer Collaborations

  • 1x Brand Collaboration

  • Additional Reels for social media

What Were Your Initial Thoughts On The Brief?

“We were all super excited for this brief to land as it's the largest project we’ve worked on with the client to date and we’d been excited to produce bigger-scale campaigns because of the potential the brand has. We were so happy to get the chance to be involved and get started.”


“First of all, we scoped out the project in full like we do for every new brief. Breaking down costs, timings, deliverables and ironing out all the finer details to create an initial plan. Once the plan and scope were agreed, we assembled a team for the project consisting of our creative director, lead copywriter, paid specialist, photography team, food stylist, hair and make-up, and our sister agency Ideal Insight who managed all the video production. The full team was onboarded and fully briefed to bring the vision to life.

The first step of the plan was to review the insights from the survey on how people use wraps to ensure we completely understood the audience and how to resonate with them. We then got to work creating six personas, which matched the six most popular wrap techniques from the survey.”


“The YouTube video was the hero of this project, so this is where we started, as we knew this piece was fundamental in terms of outlining the art direction and overall style for all the other creative outputs. We started moodboarding, looking at animation styles, and colour palettes along with storyboarding each frame of the video, to ensure the client was happy and aligned with our ideas. Once we had identified our 6 personas, we then had to build out each identity in more detail, covering everything from what they looked like, their wrap style, the recipe for the wrap and what their wardrobe and prop setting needed to look like. Once we had created our personas, we put out casting calls for actors, wrote voice-over scripts, finalised set design, created shot lists and started sourcing all props and wardrobe. There were a lot of moving parts, so we had to ensure we had all equipment ready, our timings mapped out and that all the suppliers and team were briefed and ready.

The shoot was over two days, with the view to shoot three actors per day. A detailed plan was produced to cover every minute of the two days to ensure the production ran smoothly. Once we captured all the footage we needed for the hero film and supporting content, the team were able to make a start on post-production and editing the YouTube video. How we work at Together is to try and limit the rounds of edits to three - the first is a rough cut to ensure the client is happy with the vision and the piece overall, and then we take any feedback to produce a fine version. Once everyone is happy and all amends are finalised we finish with the final cut, this process allows back and forth between us and the client and ensures every detail is captured and everyone is aligned.

Once we got the thumbs up for the hero edit it was time to work on the other deliverables. Knowing the client was happy with the hero means we can use that style and feel throughout everything else we created. The static images were retouched and social videos were edited, so everything was ready to be implemented into the paid media campaign - including Google, Meta and TikTok ads. At the same time, our copywriter was producing captions and headlines to sit alongside the content before it got signed off and the Social Media Manager and Paid Manager worked to get them live.

The campaign went live at the beginning of April and it's a 3 month campaign, so it’s only just finished. We were constantly optimising the ads to get the best results through that period. We had regular check-ins as a team and with the client for ongoing reporting and to discuss any tweaks to the campaign set up.”

Favourite Part Of The Brief Or Process?

“Shoot days are always great fun, although they are very busy. It’s 7 am starts and 12/13-hour days, but it's great to see everything we’d been working on come to life. The shoot days really validate your ideas. It's also great to mix with the variety of teams and people who come together on a shoot to make everything look great and run as smoothly as possible.

Like any project, seeing it complete and out in the real world gives a great sense of achievement and makes all the hard work worth it. The client was great to work with on this project, they were very collaborative and we were super aligned with the vision so it was great to work together. They also came to the shoot days so we were able to get instant sign-off on the shots.”

What Was The Hardest Part Of The Process And Did You Face Any Challenges?

“The logistics of the shoot were quite difficult to arrange as we had so many moving parts and many deliverables to capture within the two days. We had still photography and video production happening in parallel, there was a lot of equipment that needed to be arranged and set up within a tight time frame. We were shooting two actors at once, meaning at any one time we had to have multiple recipes being prepared and styled - hair and make-up was a constant revolving door!

Like with any shoot, you have to be ready to adapt and make changes on the day, so although the original timings didn’t go exactly to plan, we were able to be flexible and change things up to ensure everything was working smoothly for the whole team.”


The campaign gained 2.01 million impressions within the first week of going live, 1.18 million of these coming from the YouTube video alone. Check out the hero video below, and if you have a marketing campaign you’d like to talk to us about get in touch with the team today.

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