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Pepsi campaign
May 2024 | insights, Social

Team Picks: Together Agency’s Favourite Marketing Campaigns

Today, we’re turning the spotlight on some of the most innovative and creative campaigns out there, as chosen by some of our team. From catchy slogans to humorous jabs at competitors, these campaigns have captured our attention and left a lasting impression. Whether you’re a marketer seeking fresh ideas or simply a fan of great advertising, there’s something for everyone in our roundup of the best marketing campaigns.

Blog lights lens likes
May 2024 | insights, Social

Lights, Lens, Likes: Tips For Shooting Social Videos

Ready to level up your social videos? You’re in the right place. We’ve put together some key insider tips from our social team on how to produce social media videos for your brand. From ideation through to posting, we’ve got your back.

Swipes and likes
May 2024 | insights

Swipes & Likes: Crafting Your Social Media Strategy

We’re living in a world of constant scrolling, where swipes and likes dictate our digital interactions. Social media has become a powerhouse of connectivity and influence, and brands need to take a strategic approach when it comes to their social media marketing to not be left behind. In this blog, we will dive deeper into why having a social media strategy is important, how to create one and provide examples of popular brands' social media strategies and marketing campaigns. Keep scrolling to unlock the power of a solid social media strategy.

Gemma Bullimore LR
May 2024 | insights, digital

Pathways to Perfection: Transforming Experiences with User Journey Mapping

When it comes to a website or digital product the main question any business should ask is ‘How do people actually use our product or site?’ To find your answer to this question you need to understand the whole experience from a user's perspective. We sat down with our Creative Director, Gemma, to discuss everything you need to know about user journey maps and how the team tackles any digital product project.

Wrinkles in branding
Apr 2024 | insights

Wrinkles in Branding: Gen Alpha and the Branding Disconnect

Born into a digital world of constant connection, Gen Alpha is a generation shaped by screens and swipes. With approximately 2.8 million new babies born globally each week, they're the future of consumer culture. In this blog, we'll explore this new generation and how brands can connect with them effectively. Plus, we'll discuss recent buzz about brands not quite hitting the mark with this young audience.

Apr 2024 | updates, work

Together Agency Appointed to Inject New Life into Hooch's Social Strategy

PRESS RELEASE: Together Agency has announced their appointment as the new creative partner for the iconic alcopop brand, Hooch! Following a competitive pitch process Together will be responsible for developing and executing a dynamic organic and paid social media strategy that injects fresh energy and humour into Hooch's online presence.

Mastering meta blog
Apr 2024 | insights, Social

Mastering Meta With Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Gone are the days when social media was solely about organic posting and reach. Today, businesses are using the power of Facebook and Instagram advertising to boost their brands. With the potential to reach billions of users across the world, these platforms have become indispensable tools for marketers looking to expand their online presence and drive results. Read on for the strategies, tactics and trends that can help you maximise your campaigns on these platforms.

How to approach brand workshops
Mar 2024 | insights, brand

How we approach brand workshops

Here at Together, we eat, live, and breathe brand. And a crucial part of that is organising, designing and conducting brand workshops with our clients. Read on for a little insight into the process and the benefit it has for brands.

Mar 2024 | insights

The State Of Marketing In 2024

As we kick off a new financial year, we thought we’d reflect on the current landscape and look at what's ahead in the world of marketing. Using insights from HubSpot's list of marketing statistics for 2024, we will be covering all the important statistics from the report, analysing the latest trends and technologies in the marketing space. From content marketing to SEO, the report has something that will interest everyone. Join us as we break down this latest report and discover more about the state of marketing in 2024.