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Mark Bullimore
Feb 2024 | people, digital

Going Beyond Pixels With Our Senior UX/UI Designer

Today we’re going behind the ‘screens’ as we speak to our Senior UX/UI Designer, Mark, about his role here at Together, some of the projects he’s been involved with and his thoughts on trends and the future of UX/UI. Let’s jump into the world of digital design.

Blog header storyboard
Dec 2023 | people

How To Go From Storyboard To Screen

A storyboard is essential when creating campaigns; it allows collaborative work to come together and helps to ensure the asset has a clear journey to delivery. It's the best way for creatives to get their ideas on paper and share them with their team, as well as the client. This blog will lead you through all the steps, tips and tricks to take your storyboard to the big screen.

IPM team
Oct 2023 | updates, people, work

Together Agency Strikes Gold! We won Best use of Social Media at the IPM awards 2023 !

We are thrilled to announce that Together Agency came home with the Gold Award for Best Use of Social Media/Influencers for our campaign, The Eden Mill 1655 Club.

Brief to broadcast blog cover
Sept 2023 | people, work, brand

From Brief To Broadcast: Raw Made Convenient, Natures Menu Campaign

Come with us behind the scenes of a recent project. If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll have heard of our client Natures Menu, a leading raw pet food brand. Now that the project is complete and live, we’ve sat down with our creative director, Anil and account director, Hannah to spill the beans on this paw-some project.

Jo reid LR
Sept 2023 | people, brand

Meet our Head of Brand

The Head of Brand role is far from traditional at Together, it’s a fusion of brand strategy, consumer insight and creative flair, all carefully crafted to create unforgettable experiences. We sat down with our Head of Brand, Jo, to talk about her role and get a backstage pass on life at Together in the branding department.

AI in design LI
Dec 2022 | people

Does AI have a future in the creative space?

Our team discusses how Lensa, ChatGPT and Dall-E could be used, for better or worse, in the creative process.

PPC landing page uxui 3
Dec 2022 | people, work, digital

Digital at Together

Stunning sites, stellar SEO, intuitive apps and insight-led ads. People, come get your clicks.

Ben A
Nov 2022 | people, work, digital

Meet our Head of Digital

Ben Atkins talks to us about the Together digital team

Instagram guide3
Oct 2022 | people, Social

How to use Instagram Guides

Here’s three ways you can use Guides for your brand