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Egg-citing Easter Packaging

As Easter approaches, we’re diving into the world of Easter chocolate and packaging. We asked our team to share their top picks for the most eggstraordinary designs. Join us as we unwrap our favourites and dive deeper into the packaging we all love to tear open!

As Easter approaches, we’re diving into the world of Easter chocolates and packaging. We asked our team to share their top picks for the most eggstraordinary designs. Join us as we unwrap our favourites and dive deeper into the packaging we all love to tear open!

Mini eggs wide

Mark Bullimore, Senior UX/UI Designer

Mark put two of his favourite Easter eggs into the basket this year. The first is from Coco Chemistry.

We love the eco-friendly vibes of this packaging! What's great about it is that it's fully recyclable at home. Despite being made from the same material as your standard Amazon delivery packaging, they've managed to infuse it with a fun and premium feel. The shape and the view of the foil underneath add a nice touch, giving it a high-quality feel. We love the way the design looks like a lantern. It's the little details that make all the difference here.


The second on Mark's list is from Happi.

Unknown 1

Happi's egg packaging stands out with its playful illustrations and vibrant colours, making it a refreshing choice amongst traditional Easter treats. It radiates joy and perfectly aligns with the brand's mission of offering top-quality, healthy, and fun plant-based treats for children.

“There are a couple I like this year. I really like the packing by Coco Chemistry, which is fully recyclable at home. It also for me feels premium even though it's using the type of material found in your Amazon delivery protecting your goods! I think this is down to the shape and also the fact you can see the foil underneath which almost makes them look like lanterns! Also, I am a fan of the illustration style from the Happi company, these eggs are great as they stand out for me against the usual lineup of eggs in the supermarket. The colour combos are great and those little eggs do look happy!”

Adrian Tasker, Artworker

Next up we have Ady's choice, and if you’re a peanut butter fan you’ll love it! He’s chosen the more sensory route with Reese’s ‘Anything But Ordinary’ campaign as his top pick.

The video showcases the delicious process of filling chocolate eggs with their iconic creamy peanut butter, accompanied by a captivating voiceover by comedian Henry Parker to entice viewers. The piece is both soothing and also makes your mouth water!

“Watch it in high def and on a big screen if you can. It makes me want to eat one whole, and I'm not a Reese's lover.”

Chris Broomhead, Senior Designer

Our Senior Design Eggs-pert, Chris, chose Le Chocolat as his favourite design this year. Le Chocolat, make their own chocolate from scratch, meaning they roast, crack, grind and conch the cocoa bean to transform it into chocolate before moulding it into their playful designs.

Chris Easter packaging

They haven't just thought about the packaging but also the designs of the chocolates. They’ve created some amazing shapes, characters and designs, showcasing simplicity is key. They also have a video on how the chocolate is made which is mesmerising to watch.

Easter bunny dark
“I really love the simplicity and form of the shapes used for this Easter rabbit - but also how great it is as a stand-alone piece. This is a fantastic example to show how simplicity can be really effective. Watching the video is making me want some chocolate! They've got some other really beautiful designs too.”

Jen Dixon, Head of Growth Operations

Last but not least, let's dive into Jen’s Easter picks. M&S has truly outdone itself this year with a delightful array of chocolate characters, alongside the sleek and sophisticated M&S Collection eggs.

1143 301124 SB 31991 610x438 133

Meanwhile, Divine presents a sustainable twist with their latest Easter chocolates, boasting a remarkable 40% reduction in packaging. Their flat eggs not only embrace eco-friendliness but can also fit through the letterbox. What more could you ask for?

Divine Easter 2024
“I was really impressed with the M&S range for Easter this year. There are lots of cute characters (not just Percy and Colin!) but everything from puppies to highland cows and chicks. I also really liked their premium M&S Collection champagne egg, which is a really unique diamond-shaped chocolate egg. The packaging was super simple, but I thought it was an interesting way of making the product stand-out.

Easter shelf stand-out used to be all about unique cardboard constructions, or intricate windows. Now that consumers (and retailers) are demanding less plastic and less waste, I was very interested to see the Divine flat eggs. It’s a unique idea, and certainly great from a sustainability perspective. What I’m not convinced about is whether consumers will see it as giftable. I'd be interested to see whether anyone else follows suit this next year.

Going back to the M&S eggs, what I love is that they have used the uniqueness of the product shape mixed with photography, to give the product that feeling of specialness – but still keeping a simple pack construction.”
1142 301124 SB 31991 610x438 2
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