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How to use Instagram Guides

Here’s three ways you can use Guides for your brand

Instagram Guides have been a feature on the platform since 2020, but a lot of brands aren’t utilising them to their full potential.

Guides are a great way to share longer story pieces, as well as to reuse older content in a new way.

Acting as a short form blog or a curated collection of posts, they’re not to be overlooked when planning your brands social strategy. As Instagram Guides live under their own tab on your Instagram, much like Reels, they’re in clear view for anyone viewing your profile as well as gaining traction for any older posts on your profile.

Here’s three ways you can use Guides as a brand:

1. As a 'How To'

Guides are a great way to share your expertise on a topic. ‘How To’ pieces offer value to the reader as an educational piece and can easily be adapted for any business. If your business is product based, it could be a ‘How to use’ guide. Or, if you’re serviced based, focus it on what problem your business is able to solve.

Similarly, if your business often gets lots of similar enquiries by new customers, you could adapt the ‘How To’ format to be an FAQ and answer any questions potential customers are asking.

2. To group themed content together

Based on your social strategy, you’ll likely be structuring your content around your chosen content pillars. You can use Guides to easily group together content that falls under one category or pillar, making it an easy way for followers to find the information they’re looking for. Don’t restrict the content to just being your own too. If you know of other businesses or accounts whose information would work well within the Guide, be sure to bring that in too.

UK printing manufacturer,, do a great job of this in their 2023 Calendar Inspiration Guide. Whilst the post is highlighting the work from other Instagram accounts to give readers inspiration, all the calendars were produced by so they’re still able to promote their own services by linking back to a ‘how it’s made’ post they previously shared.

3. To highlight the local area

With the ability to recommend places as well as products when setting up your guide, why not use it to share other amenities in the local area? Not only will this be a valuable post for your followers in the local area, ensuring you tag any locations and businesses mentioned will increase the chances of your post being shared with their followers too.

Local Nottingham blogger, Jules, does a great job of this in her ‘The 12 Best Street Food Spots in Nottingham’ guide.


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