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From Concepts To Clicks: 10 Social Media Content Ideas For Your Brand

The burning question on every marketer's mind is ‘What content should we post on social media?’ Well, look no further as we’ve got a list of 10 social media content ideas you can use to help your business shine on social media. From sparking engagement with user-generated content to crafting eye-catching infographics, the possibilities are endless. Read on for 10 social media content ideas for your brand.

The burning question on every marketer's mind is ‘What content should we post on social media?’ Well, look no further as we’ve got a list of 10 social media content ideas you can use to help your business shine on social media. From sparking engagement with user-generated content to crafting eye-catching infographics, the possibilities are endless. So take a seat and get ready to scroll through our 10 social media content ideas for your brand.

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People love to see what happens behind the doors - the real action, the unfiltered moments, the candid glimpses into the inner workings of a brand. That's where the magic truly happens, and it's precisely why BTS content performs well on social media. Offering a sneak peek behind the curtain, BTS content gives your audience an exclusive backstage pass to the heart and soul of your brand. It's more than just showcasing polished products or curated images; it's about sharing the raw, authentic stories that define your brand's journey. BTS content needs to feel more natural and not forced so that it slots into the feed nicely, this type of content is more likely to gain more engagement as tends to resonate more with the audience rather than the service promotion or sales posts.

This social media content idea is all about selling your brand rather than your products to make that true authentic connection with your audience. A brand that utilises this type of content really well is technology giant Microsoft. On their TikTok profile, their employees share glimpses into their day at the office and what it’s like behind the doors of Microsoft. This works amazingly for them as when you think about the company you see it as a tech powerhouse and sometimes forget about the people behind the brand. This is a great way to humanise the brand and show they’re only about the tech.


Social media thrives on authenticity, and what better way to harness that authenticity than through user-generated content (UGC) and testimonials? These powerful forms of content put your customers in the spotlight, showcasing their real experiences and genuine reactions to your brand. From honest testimonials praising your products or services to user-generated photos and videos capturing their firsthand experiences, UGC adds a human touch to your social media presence. It's not just about promoting your brand; it’s about letting your customers share their experiences of your brand or product and how its made a real difference for them.

The food and supplement brand Huel sets a fantastic example of how to use UGC in your content strategy. They’ve used it to create an amazing community of ‘huel’igans and the majority of their content is posts from users of their product rating, reviewing and showing how to use the product.

Another great example of a great UGC campaign is Apple’s #ShotOnIphone. The campaign encouraged iPhone users to share the photos they’d taken with their phones. It first started 8 years ago, to introduce the release of the iPhone 16. The aim was to promote the phone camera in a simple way which included their audience. No one anticipated it would still be carrying on years later. The campaign was massive on social media but it also reached billboards and celebrity collaborations. This example is one of the most recognised UGC campaigns of all time.

Shot on iphone

Social Media Content Idea 3: Infographics/Data Visualisation

In a world where information overload is the norm, infographics and data visualisations cut through the noise like a breath of fresh air. These visually compelling pieces of content transform complex data and statistics into easily digestible graphics that captivate and inform your audience. Whether you're sharing industry insights, survey results, or key performance metrics, infographics and data visualisations are an effective way to present information in a visually engaging format. With vibrant colours, eye-catching design elements, and concise messaging, these visuals grab attention and make a lasting impression on your audience. So, if your brand offers complex stats and figures, using infographics to explain them is a brilliant way to allow your audience to digest that information.

A popular brand that uses Infographics regularly in their communications is LinkedIn. They often share their findings and stats in the form of infographics to make it easy to read.

Social Media Content Idea 4: Interactive Content

Engaging your audience on social media goes beyond standard posts. Enter interactive content – the secret sauce to fostering meaningful connections and boosting engagement with your brand. Interactive content invites your audience to participate, share opinions, and actively engage with your brand in real-time. From polls and quizzes to interactive games and contests, the possibilities are endless. By leveraging interactive content, you not only capture attention but also create memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression on your audience. As humans we love to feel involved otherwise we tend to get a case of FOMO, interactive content is an easy way to make your community feel involved and heard. Recently Instagram added a new feature which allows users to add polls to their posts and Reels adding an extra way to engage with posts.

If you’re looking for more inspiration on what type of interactive content would work for your brand you can check out this blog by Medium sharing 23 of the best interactive content examples.

Social Media Content Idea 5: Contests/Giveaways

Who doesn't love a chance to win free stuff? Contests and giveaways are a surefire way to drum up excitement and engagement on social media. Whether it's a photo contest, a caption competition, or a random giveaway, these interactive campaigns encourage your audience to get involved and spread the word about your brand. Not only do contests and giveaways generate buzz and excitement, but they also provide valuable user-generated content that you can repurpose in your future marketing efforts (and as we said earlier UGC is a great piece of content for socials!).

For the last few years, GoPro has held a Million-dollar challenge that sees thousands of entries every year. The challenge is for users to purchase/use one of their cameras to capture life’s epic moments and if your clip makes the cut you could be in with a chance to win up to $1,000,000! The campaign is a great way to get their audience involved and create a bank of amazing UGC from people using their products.

Social Media Content Idea 6: How-to’s and Tutorials

Looking to position your brand as an authority in your industry? You should start posting how-to guides and tutorials for your product. This type of content showcases your expertise but also provides genuine value to your audience by helping them solve problems and learn something new. Whether it's a step-by-step tutorial on how to use your product or a helpful guide related to your niche, tutorials and how-to’s attract a wide audience and are highly shareable! By offering valuable insights and actionable tips, you not only build trust with your followers and gain new ones, but it also keeps them coming back for future learning and tips.

The work OS platform system integrates this style of content into its social media strategy seamlessly. Showing top and new features and how to use them on their social media.

Social Media Content Idea 7: Industry Insights, Tips and News

To level up on the previous point and show your brand is a thought leader in your industry, you should be sharing industry insights, tips and news across your socials. By providing valuable information and staying up to date with the latest trends and developments in your sector, you not only demonstrate your expertise but also keep your audience engaged and informed.

You can post relevant statistics, offer insider tips or discuss hot topics and emerging trends. This will help you establish credibility and authority among your followers. For example, if your brand works with social media a great source to share and comment on would be Instagram for Business. This profile is dedicated to giving businesses all the news, tips and tricks needed to master the platform for their marketing strategy. By staying in the conversation and talking about their posts and your thoughts it shows your audience you keep up to date and use solid sources to back your thoughts.

Social Media Content Idea 8: Trending Content

If your goal is to stay relevant and capture the attention of an audience on social media then hopping on the latest trends is the way to go for you. Trending content allows you to join conversations that are already buzzing and tap into a collective interest of your audience. Whether it's popular hashtags, viral challenges or current events, incorporating trending content into your social media plan can help boost your visibility and engagement. However, you need to keep your eye on the ball as trends can quickly come and go so you need to react fast!

TikTok is currently the go-to platform for trending content, with many brands using it to show a more authentic side of their business. If you’re new to TikTok or you don’t know how to incorporate it into your social plan then head over to our blog to find out more.

Social Media Content Idea 9: Live Streaming

If you’re looking to inject some fun into your social media plan then why not try live streaming? Live streaming offers a unique opportunity to connect with your audience in real-time, allowing you to engage with them on a more personal level. Whether you’re hosting a Q&A session, giving a behind-the-scenes look at your business or a live webinar or tutorial, live streaming allows you to share authentic and unfiltered content to resonate with your audience. Plus, it can help boost engagement and drive traffic to your social media channels, as followers are notified when you go live and are encouraged to tune in and participate.

Nike, one of the largest brands in the world, regularly uses live-streaming to showcase their events. It’s a great way to get everyone involved in the brand events without having to actually be there!


Social Media Content Idea 10: Employee and Company Spotlight

Your employees are the heartbeat of your brand, the driving force behind your success. They’re not just faces behind a logo, they are real people with unique stories, talents and passions. That’s why shining a spotlight on your team members is not just a nice-to-have but a must-have for any business looking to connect with its audience on a deeper level. Where they’re sharing their expertise, showcasing their creativity or favourite products or simply sharing a glimpse into their daily lives, your employers have the power to humanise your brand and forge meaningful connections with your audience. It’s also a great idea to try and incentivise your internal team to interact with the business's social accounts. This creates a great sense of community as well as increases advocacy and engagement.

A great example of a brand that regularly showcases its employees is Starbucks. Whether their employees are showing their favourite drinks, new menu items or even their team's achievements Starbucks shouts about it on their social media.


When it comes to social media content ideas, the possibilities are truly endless. From BTS glimpses to informative infographics and employee spotlights, there’s no shortage of creative ideas to help your brand stand out in the digital crowd. By tapping into these 10 social media content ideas, you can engage your audience, create meaningful connections and ultimately drive results for your business.

Ready to take your social media game to the next level? Try to incorporate some of these ideas into your social media plan, or if you need help getting started speak to us today.


Shot on iphone by Apple:

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