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5 tips for pulling off a successful rebrand

From the people that were at the very heart of ours

During the long period of preparing, planning, executing, (crying) and celebrating our new look and feel, the word ‘rebrand’ was met with a chorus of deep signs and eye rolls across the Together office.

However, now that we’re on the other side and we’ve got a shiny new website and brand positioning to shout about, we feel obliged to share our five top tips for a successful rebrand, from the people that were at the very heart of it.

1. Make it a priority

Our Managing Director, Ben Fathers, explains the importance of maintaining momentum and not letting the daunting task fall behind client work. “It’s hard to keep momentum if client work keeps coming in, but it is a priority, so find that balance between projects to avoid delaying progression. It’s also important to keep communicating with the whole team. Bring people on the journey with you from start to finish so everyone feels part of the process and new direction. The more people that work on the project, the more of a priority it will feel.”

2. Find your USP

Finding your brand’s unique selling point will set the tone of your rebrand. Chloe Weaver describes the significance of this when it comes to copywriting, “Finding your USP is the best start to any rebrand. Once you have this figured out, the rest is easy. It will begin to feed down into everything you produce and be the golden thread that aligns all aspects. From TOV and brand values to design and logos, once you uncover the essence of your brand, the rest starts to fall into place.”

3. Understand your clients' wants

Understanding exactly what our clients expected from us was incredibly important for our Creative Director, Anil Nataly, and it helped us to discover our most effective USP. That’s why we conducted interviews with existing clients to hear their thoughts on the agency. “That was the lightbulb moment for me.” Anil explains, “‘We work so closely with our clients and have amazing relationships with them, so we needed to find out their wants and consider this in all aspects of the rebrand.”

4. Manage your time effectively

For Account Manager, Ben Turnbull, time management was crucial for the delivery of a successful rebrand. “It’s always at the bottom of everyone’s priority list, but it needs to be treated just like a client project. Making sure we had enough time booked to complete the work was essential but not always straight forward. Having weekly catch ups meant that the whole team was always up to date and on track with deliverables.”

5. Have a clear focus

Creative Director, Gemma Bullimore, provides us with a simple but critical tip, “Don’t lose track of your main objective,’ she explains, “it’s easy to dilute your new proposition during the brand development process, but having a clear focus and direction will ensure everyone is on the same page.”

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