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Talking all things rebrand with Ben Fathers…

‘We’re a curious, insightful agency that is committed to driving change’

Serving as Managing Director at Together, Ben Fathers is responsible for the strategic development and financial planning of the agency, alongside the company’s global operations.

Before the rebrand, Ben engaged with internal stakeholders to understand what was most important to them. It was only after this that the new territory regarding behavioural science began.

He was responsible for embedding the new ways of working across all touchpoints, making sure everyone was confident and comfortable with the brand’s new positioning.

So who better to give us the inside scoop…

WHY DID WE NEED A rebrand?

With our new philosophy focusing on the behavioural science side of things, we felt we needed to adjust our tone of voice and propositional focus to reflect our new way of working.

why was it so important for us to incorporate behavioural science into the rebrand?

It’s a great way to set us apart from the competition. It allows clients to have confidence in our insightful creative development. It also enables the creatives of the agency to enhance their thinking in order to make their work more spontaneous, innovative and exciting.

Ben Fathers

How did you go about researching this?

There is a great deal of interest in behavioural science, and it has a proven track record of success in and outside the private sector. So, instinctively the agency had a curiosity to explore. Everyone needs a structure to work within and this felt like a natural progression for us.

What role did the Behavioural Psychology team at University of Nottingham play in this?

We needed a strength of expertise to help guide, train and inspire the team, so having someone embedded full time that can do that while finding opportunity is critical to the success of the discipline. If you blend that with our creative and commercial thinking, it makes for a hugely powerful combination.

What part of the rebrand did you find most challenging?

Fitting it into the day job! Our clients always come first so it was hard to find spare time to focus on our own brand. This meant that the overall rebrand went a little slower than expected.

What part of the rebrand are you most excited about?

Always the creative – we live and breathe creative and it’s what we do best, so it was very emotional seeing it all come to life in such an innovative fashion.

What part of the rebrand are you most proud of?

The website. It’s our most important touchpoint for a modern digitally-aligned business and it looks amazing.

What’s the one thing you want our clients to take away from the new brand?

That we’re a curious, insightful agency that is committed to driving change, with a team that is well equipped to use behavioural science as a tool to propel any creative challenge.

Moving forward, how will the agency be weaving behavioural science into its ways of working?

It’s a framework of thinking that needs to be applied to everything we do. We need to live and breathe behavioural science, therefore continuous training and improvement will be the key to our ongoing success.

This new, innovative way of working allows us to structure our thinking, so we know that we have thought of every opportunity for every client we work with – big or small.

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