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How to Approach Themed Days

Themed days can be a great way to create relevant content, but less is often more. Here are Together’s top tips when creating themed content

With Mother’s Day and Easter ticked off for the year and Father's Day fast approaching, there’s no shortage of themed days to be utilising as a marketer. We explored the benefit of themed content and how to make it work for your business.

How to approach themed days

Keep it relevant

Outside of key holidays like Mother’s Day, there are lots of other themed days out there. A quick look on Days Of The Year will give you hundreds of options for content to create. Whilst this can be a great way to ideate new content for your brand, it’s important to keep it relevant. For example, if you’re a food and drinks brand, National Dress Day (which is on the 6th of March, by the way) is not going to be the one for you.

Be considerate of which days will resonate with your target audience and still sit closely to the products or services you offer. Obviously, for wider holidays like Christmas, themed content will work for almost any brand, but it’s best to keep this minimal throughout the year. So, just be mindful of which themed days are most relevant to you.


Mother's Day is a great opportunity to build community with your audience. For an easy win, you could host a Mother’s Day giveaway featuring your products to encourage engagement and new followers. Or use a simple CTA (call to action) within your content to encourage your followers to share their favourite memory of Mother’s Day or to tag a mum doing a brilliant job. Engaging and replying to those comments will help to strengthen your brand relationship and share the love! Just remember to keep your copy and design brand-related too.

Think outside the box

Particularly for widely celebrated events, consumers will be flooded with messages from brands. When creating your content, try to think of unique and stand out alternatives you can deliver to catch attention. Think about the USPs (unique selling points) of your brand and if you could tie this into your messaging. For example, if you’re an eco-friendly or sustainable brand, you could theme your Mother’s Day content around Mother Nature and how you’re keeping the planet happy.


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