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Influencer Marketing Statistics: Key Insights and Trends for 2024

Hold on to your hashtags because the world of influencer marketing is constantly growing and we’re about to break it down for you. We’re going to fast-track into 2024, looking at key trends, stats and strategies to help keep you ahead of the curve.

Hold on to your hashtags because the world of influencer marketing is constantly growing and we’re about to break it down for you. We’re going to fast-track into 2024, looking at key trends, stats and strategies to help keep you ahead of the curve.

We’re about to spill the tea on how influencer marketing isn’t just evolving, it's the latest social media revolution. From big names like Alix Earle (who has 6M TikTok followers) to micro-influencers building an audience of thousands, we’ll be looking into the likely trends to take into the new year and strategies for how your business can use influencers to level up your brand. Get ready to influence and be influenced.

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What Is Influencer Marketing?

First things first let’s cover what influencer marketing is. At its core, it leverages the influence of individuals, known as influencers, who have substantial credibility, following and authenticity in specific niches on selected platforms.

These influencers connect with their audience through genuine content and recommendations, creating a unique avenue for brands to engage with their target consumers.

The collaborative nature of influencer marketing ensures a seamless integration of brand messages into authentic and relatable content. This strategy extends across diverse platforms, from Instagram to YouTube and TikTok, offering brands versatile channels for effective communication.

The success of influencer marketing goes beyond reach, with metrics like engagement and conversions serving as key indicators of impact. As brands navigate the dynamic world of digital marketing, influencer marketing could be the missing link to expanding and growing their social media marketing strategies successfully.



From breaking billion-dollar predictions to shaping what we trust online, influencer marketing can have a huge impact on the market. Let’s take a look at some key stats you should know about influencer marketing going into 2024.

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Surpassing Predictions:

The global influencer marketing industry is set to hit a staggering $21.1 billion by the close of 2023, surpassing forecasts that pegged it at $15 billion for 2024. The surge in popularity witnessed in 2022 has propelled the industry to unprecedented heights.

Influence in Recommendations:

The core of influencer marketing lies in the trust consumers place in influencers' recommendations. A resounding 61% of consumers trust influencers' endorsements, whilst 38% only rely on branded social media content, which they often perceive as biased. With these insights in mind, it’s clear to see that influencer marketing can be used as a great tool to boost trust.

Instagram Dominance:

Instagram maintains its stronghold as the most popular influencer marketing channel, acknowledged by a massive 97% of marketers. The platform's visual appeal and diverse audience make it indispensable for influencer collaborations. However, TikTok is close to Instagram's heels as it holds the highest influencer engagement rate. We wouldn’t be surprised if TikTok overtakes Instagram as the most popular influencer platform in the next year or so.

Search Surge:

Google searches for "influencer marketing" have experienced a 400% increase from 2016 to 2023, reflecting the heightened interest and curiosity surrounding this dynamic marketing approach.

Demographic Dynamics:

The influence of influencer marketing varies across generations. While it resonates strongly with millennials and Gen Z, as 72% of them follow influencers on social media, it's yet to make a significant impact on the older demographic. Your target audience will have a huge impact on whether influencer marketing is the right strategy to use for your marketing efforts.

Influencer Marketing Trends Shaping 2024:

It’s clear to see that influencer marketing is constantly growing, so it is key for marketers to keep up to date with the latest trends in the landscape.

We’ve put together some of the trends we believe will shape influencer marketing in 2024:

Immersive Content and the Metaverse Connection:

As the digital landscape evolves, immersive content takes centre stage. The rise of the metaverse presents new opportunities for influencers to create engaging, interactive experiences.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility:

Influencer marketing is becoming a force for positive change. Brands are increasingly aligning with influencers who champion sustainability and social responsibility, reflecting a broader shift towards conscious consumerism.

Building Long-Term Relationships:

Beyond one-off collaborations, brands are recognising the value of forging enduring partnerships with influencers. Long-term relationships foster authenticity and a deeper connection with the audience, which also helps with building that all-important trust.

AI and Personalisation:

The integration of artificial intelligence and personalisation is transforming everything it touches including influencer collaborations. AI tools analyse vast datasets to identify the most suitable influencers, ensuring more targeted and effective campaigns. But it's key to remember one of the most loved things about influencer marketing is its authenticity so when it comes to content, it needs to be original and feel personal.

TikTok's Ascendancy:

Nurturing creativity and virality, TikTok is positioned to challenge Instagram's supremacy as the most vital influencer marketing channel. We already see that influencer engagement on TikTok is higher than on Instagram. It’s not long before TikTok is seen as the preferred platform for influencer marketing. We see TikTok as a growing platform and there is still plenty to be learnt about the platform, you can head over to our blog page where we cover many different subjects based on TikTok.

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We’ve looked at the key stats and trends to take forward into 2024; now it's time to think about crafting a successful strategy to excel in your influencer marketing efforts.


A well-thought-out strategy is your compass for navigating the digital world. Begin by defining your goals and target audience; this clarity guides your choice of influencers.

Utilise influencer marketing platforms or tools like AspireIQ or Traackr to identify influencers aligned with your brand. These platforms streamline the process, offering insights into influencer performance and audience demographics.


Foster authentic connections with influencers who genuinely resonate with your brand values. Consider micro-influencers; while they may have a smaller following, their engagement tends to be more genuine. Knowing who your target audience is and what their values are will help you pick an influencer that will best resonate with those potential audiences.


Collaborate on content creation that seamlessly integrates with the influencer's style and your brand identity. This synergy ensures a natural and engaging promotional narrative. The digital world is saturated with content you need to ensure you keep it original and eye-catching to stand out amongst the crowd.


Combine macro and micro-influencers, each contributing a unique perspective to your brand story. Remember, diversity in influencers translates to diversity in audience engagement.


Lastly, track and analyse your campaign's performance using analytics tools. Platforms like Bradwatch or Sprout Social offer insights into engagement metrics, helping you refine your strategy for future campaigns.

With a robust strategy, your influencer marketing efforts become a powerful force in shaping brand perception and reaching wider audiences. It can be difficult to create any type of marketing strategy, here at Together we are here to help support you whether you’re looking for an influencer marketing agency or you’re looking for social media management we cover it all. Head over to our website to find out more.


Examining successful influencer marketing examples provides valuable insights into effective strategies. Brands like Gymshark and Hello Fresh have mastered the art, setting benchmarks for others to follow.

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Gymshark's Fitness Journeys:

Gymshark, a fitness apparel brand, leverages influencers to tell authentic stories. Rather than just promoting products, Gymshark collaborates with fitness influencers to share their health and fitness journeys. This approach not only showcases the brand's products in action but also connects emotionally with the audience through the influencers' narratives.

Hello Fresh's Culinary Adventures:

Hello Fresh, a meal kit delivery service, strategically uses influencers to showcase its convenience and variety. Influencers often take followers through their cooking experiences with Hello Fresh, highlighting the simplicity of the process and the delicious results. By associating the brand with lifestyle and ease, HelloFresh effectively taps into the influencer's credibility and audience trust.

In studying such examples, brands can refine their influencer marketing strategies, understanding the importance of authenticity, lifestyle integration, and meaningful audience connections.

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Influencer Marketing 2024: What Lies Ahead

Influencer marketing isn't just growing; it's booming. By 2023, it's predicted to surpass $21.1 billion and we’re excited to see what number it hits by the end of 2024. As we look into next year, trends like immersive content, sustainability, and longer-term relationships are reshaping the influencer landscape and it's key to keep these in mind when you’re looking into any influencer marketing activities.

We’ve seen from big brands, who do influencer marketing well, that emphasising authentic storytelling and blending seamlessly into influencers' lives is the key to a successful strategy.

Whether you're exploring influencer marketing services or honing your overall marketing strategy, we are ready to be your guide so talk to us today.



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