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From TikTok to Tick Tock: Managing your content creations across social media platforms

Social media is constantly evolving with new features, platforms, and trends popping up daily. So, if you’re a brand trying to keep on top of it all AND make captivating content, it may be time to sit down and plan out your social offering in more depth. In this blog, we’ll explore the core challenges brands experience when managing their content across social platforms, the importance of a strong social strategy, and how TikTok can be utilised for your brand.

Social media is constantly evolving with new features, platforms, and trends popping up daily. So, if you’re a brand trying to keep on top of it all AND make captivating content, it may be time to sit down and plan out your social offering in more depth.

In this blog, we’ll explore the core challenges brand’s experience when managing their content across social platforms, the important of a strong social strategy, and how TikTok in particular can be utilised for brand.

Strategising success for TikTok and beyond

If you’re looking to stand out online, winging it won’t do. You need a strong social strategy to get you in place. Put the time and effort into your social strategy before you start posting and you’ll find it easier to connect with your audience and reach tangible goals.

Think of your social strategy as the backbone of your brand. As a clear template for the content, you’re making and based on audience insights, having a strong strategy in place ensures any campaign efforts you make are well-planned to cultivate community, strengthen your brand identity, and get you closer to your goals.

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as making a social strategy and copying and pasting content across all platforms – each one needs a tailored approach. Whilst you might use LinkedIn for thought leadership and industry commentary, TikTok would be for making authentic connections and adding humour and reality to your brand. At Together, our social team are experts across the nuances of all these platforms so know how to make stand-out content across channels – get in touch to find out more.



Whilst we’d never question that quality across all of your content is crucial, sometimes time is of the essence and there isn’t time to make a perfectly polished post. Take a look at TikTok trends and how quickly content can go from 200 to 200,000 views with a well-timed post and it’s clear that posting at the peak of a trend is more important than it being polished and past its peak. That being said, all content you made should be intentional, have a purpose, and appeal to your audience.


If you don’t take the time to get to know your target audience and their wants and needs, you may struggle with a disconnect between your brand and potential customers. Robust market research and consumer insights are the way to combat this and get yourself immersed in your audience.

Taking a proactive data-driven approach to gaining audience insights will allow you tailor your content pillars accordingly so that they align with your audience’s interests and aspirations. It’s very possible to collect and analyse audience insights yourself by immersing yourself in relevant niches and communities, but hiring an expert to do your market research will make the process quicker and may produce more in-depth outcomes. You’ll also get the added benefit of social media reports, looking at what content is performing well, and the current demographics you brand is drawing in.

As a starting point, being on the platforms your target market are on and engaging like a consumer to understand their perspective will get you a great baseline understanding of what makes these communities tick. If you’re looking to excel on TikTok, they have a great range of analytics available to help you see what content is working and what to do more of. As well as looking at reach and performance, if you have TikTok for Business, you’ll have access to TikTok Ads Manager, where you’ll gain further insights around your paid content and how to draw in more engagement.


In the vast landscape of social media, it's more than just posting – it's about understanding the unique language and culture each platform uses. Whilst short, humorous, or authentic videos work best on TikTok, a more planned and knowledge-led post will work better on LinkedIn. Always look at which audience is on what platform and what works best where.

Talking about TikTok, it's not just a platform for dance challenges – it's a content creation powerhouse. With its soaring popularity, TikTok has become a goldmine for brands. And guess what? We've got the pickaxes ready. We've harnessed the power of TikTok to create thumb-stopping content that drives engagement and converts views into actions. We’ve already helped many brands on their journey on TikTok, creating engaging content that travels far and wide on TikTok’s algorithm.

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On platforms like Instagram, but most predominantly TikTok, trends play a crucial role. Jump on an emerging trend with the right content and you could see your brand’s engagement and recognition skyrocket. Creating trending content can be a great way to get over the hurdle of actually shooting and posting for your brand because time is of the essence. There’s no wiggle room for hesitation or the perfect setup. Instead, quickly shot footage on a phone that’s then posted is the key to authenticity and grabbing the attention of users. Trends can be tricky to get right, so we’ve wrote a whole post about trends on TikTok, which you can find here.


It’s no surprise that AI is a pretty hot topic at the moment, especially for digital content. Despite the weariness surrounding AI, it certainly has it’s uses and could be useful for your marketing campaigns and content creation. Like any good tool, AI can help aid your creative process, not replace it – it’s still down to you to come up with the good initial ideas!

The fusion of AI and creative ideas on social media is a dynamic blend that ensures your strategies resonate. The key to using AI however is to not rely on it but to use it as a tool to help your visions come to life quicker. The human touch and creativity will always be important in a good social media marketing strategy. There are also a lot of data AI tools to help you learn about your audience and preferences that could be a game changer for your brand.

One social media platform that is using this integration well is TikTok, if you are a regular TikTok user you will know they have many AI generative filters and script generators creators can use.

Embracing innovation isn't just a choice; it's a necessity. By embracing AI, trends and new platforms, your brand will succeed in the social media world. We’re experts at social media and content, get in contact with us today to talk about your brand.


Navigating social media isn’t always easy. With subtle nuances between platforms and an immersive approach needed, success on socials can’t be winged. That’s why having a clear content strategy, knowing your audience, and understanding the platforms are key to a successful social media presence.

At Together, we keep up to date with the hashtags that trend on Twitter, the stories that engage on Instagram, and yes, the content that goes viral on TikTok. To find out more about how you can make your brand soar on socials, get in touch.


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