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Meet Better Together

Meet Better Together: our internal team dedicated to improving workplace wellbeing

It's no secret that agency work can be stressful and fast-paced, that’s why in 2021, we introduced a new squad at the agency. So, improving workplace wellbeing has and will continue to be incredibly important to everyone at our agency.

Our ‘Better Together’ team was created to ensure that everyone within the agency always felt like they had a source of support whilst at work. With a vision to contribute, challenge, and pioneer, Better Together’s mission was to create a working atmosphere where people matter, voices are heard, communities thrive and relationships count.

Implementing mental health training, bridging the gap between board and employees, highlighting the tools available to the team and organising socials, Better Together is constantly evolving as we address the ongoing subject of workplace wellbeing.

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Mental Health First Responder

As a mental health first responder, Katy completed training to obtain her title. She is now on hand to listen to and help anyone that needs it. Pointing them in the right direction for any further support and guidance.



Neurodiversity and D&I

Lydia’s dream is to have top-level education of neurodiversity, diversity and inclusion rolled out to all staff to increase awareness and understanding. That’s why she’s working with our parent company to make this dream a reality.


mark bullimore

Mental Health First Responder

Just like Katy, Mark is also trained as a mental health first responder, providing confidential advice and guidance to the whole team. Together, they make sure the team always has someone to talk to or know where to go if they need more help.



Fire Marshal

As Together’s longest serving member, Ady has many contributions to Better Together – part social sec, part fire marshal, full-time joker – one of his main responsibilities as designated fire marshal is to oversee the health and safety of those in the office.



Social Sec

As Better Together’s social sec, Will encourages a stronger work life balance for every member of the team. From Christmas and summer parties to after work socials and charity events, Will ensures there’s always a plan in the diary for the team to bond and help strengthen relationships.



Mental Health First Responder

Emily is our third and final mental health first reporter. An advocate for therapy, Emily works with Katy and Mark to guide and support the team when it comes to their wellbeing, signposting them on where to find the help they need.

Chloe Weaver



Chloe works alongside Lydia to bring Together Agency closer to MMR’s diversity and inclusion practices. She hopes to eventually roll out future training to the team surrounding neurodiversity, diversity and inclusion and gender balance.

Alongside our Better Together squad, we have other office practises that allow the team to prioritise their mental wellbeing and improve their health at work.

This includes:

Hybrid approach to working

Our hybrid approach to working means we can work in an environment that suits us. If we need collaboration time, we can go into the office. However, if the task at hand requires us to get our head down, we can stay at home. With daily commutes occasionally resulting in added stress and pressure before you’ve even got to the office, sometimes it’s nice to work from the comfort of your own home in your PJs (well, from the waist down anyway).

Access to free counselling and wellness app

Our parent company, MMR, are constantly improving their wellbeing practises. From access to free counselling, apps with yoga and guided meditations to workstation assessments that help improve comfort and posture, MMR host an array of options to keep work stress and burnout at bay.


A 2019 study by the University of Lincoln found that employees who bring their dogs to work reported 22% higher satisfaction with their working conditions and an overall increase in work engagement by 14.4%. If the task gets a bit too much, we can take some time out and cuddle with our friendly companions and get back to work with a smile on our face.

Better Together’s top tips for workplace wellbeing

1. Chloe’s top tip: “I think having little but regular breaks from my desk is important. If I’m in the office, I’ll get up and have a chat with someone or spend 5 minutes sitting in our lounge area. If I’m at home, I’ll take 5 minutes every now and then to have a coffee or sit in the garden. It helps me de-stress if I ever feel overwhelmed.”

2. Will’s top tip: “The key to staying emotionally healthy is communication. When someone experiences imbalance in their emotional well-being, communication is often the first area they struggle with - it's difficult to say I'm not OK, or I'm finding things hard. But by encouraging and celebrating open communication, we can ensure our people feel safe and seen.”

3. Katy’s top tip: “For me, I become most stressed when I feel disorganised or feel like I don’t have control of a situation. So being as organised as possible and planning out my days and all tasks that need to be completed for that day, is one thing I never compromise on.”

4. Lydia’s top tip: “It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when the pressure is on, but I find meditation really helps me to reduce stress and squash those anxious thoughts. If I ever feel like everything is getting on top of me, I simply take 5 minutes to do some mediation and clear my head.”

Whilst we’re incredibly proud of the work culture at Together, we’re still constantly working towards better workplace wellbeing for the members of the team. Have any tips yourself? Why not email us as Or if you fancy joining the team, head over to our LinkedIn to see what vacancies we have available.

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