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Using influencers for Mission Wraps

Our client, Mission Wraps, came to us with a problem they wanted to solve. Their insights told them that people weren’t buying wraps because they weren’t sure what to do with them. We recommended influencers as part of our social strategy. Read on to find out how we helped them.


There was a lack of education and inspiration around wraps’ versatility, and a tendency to see them as a lunchtime-only or Mexican-only food. In a market saturated with competing products, that was a real issue for Mission. People were consistently choosing bread and thins over their product. We set out to change that, helping their wraps get the love they deserved.

Our ambition was to show people just how many amazing ways they could use wraps in their day-to-day lives – to take them beyond lunchtime and get people using them at breakfast, for snacks, for dinner and in desserts. We also wanted to free people from the idea that they could only use wraps for Mexican food, giving them permission to use them with all of their favourite ingredients, anytime, any way they wanted.

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The client set us a two-fold challenge:

  • To increase brand awareness
  • To increase engagement across Instagram and TikTok

To achieve this, we set out to harness the power of influencers as part of our always-on campaign for the client. Our plan was to use carefully handpicked influencers to make creative, collaborative videos of original wrap-based recipes and share them to showcase Mission’s versatility, generate audience excitement and, in turn, drive engagement and sales.

insight and strategy

This campaign was driven by one all-important insight which was proving a real challenge for our client – people didn’t know what to do with wraps, so they weren’t buying them. Mission was losing out on market share due to a lack of awareness and recipe inspiration.

This was such a fundamental issue that we decided to tackle it as part of our always-on campaign strategy for the client. Our objective was to use influencers to generate a whole range of recipes across all kinds of mealtimes and occasions, showcasing how Mission wraps can be used and inviting our target audience to feel confident and get creative.

We decided to aim for 2 to 5 influencer reels per month to give our audience a steady stream of interesting meal ideas. This would be dialled up with increased influencer activity at key points in the year for the brand – including new product launches, summer and back to school.

As well as educating and inspiring Mission’s current audience, we knew this collaborative posting strategy would also open up new audiences for the brand, by putting them in front of the influencers’ own followers, who might not otherwise have chosen wraps – or Mission.


To highlight versatility, encourage creativity and celebrate individuality, we focused our campaign around one key line: ‘Unmistakably yours’.

We wanted to get across the consumer benefit that you can make anything you like, and make it truly yours, with Mission wraps – from a simple tuna and mayo wrap to things like quiche, toffee apple parcels or sushi rolls.

As well as generating regular monthly content and increasing activity to mark key moments in the year, we also capitalised on emerging trends. For example, to celebrate the launch of the Barbie movie, we asked influencers to create Barbie-inspired taco recipes, one of which went viral.

To promote the launch of Mission’s new XL wraps (the biggest wrap on the market), we reached out to male influencers with the idea of creating big meals for a big appetite. This took Mission to an audience they don’t typically reach via influencers including @wrapgodofficial and @whatwillycook.

The main touch points for all of this activity were Instagram and TikTok, as insights told us that the majority of our target audience now search for recipes on these platforms.

Additional media support included boosting a carefully chosen selection of influencer reels to make sure these beautifully created videos reached a wider audience. We also maintained our other organic social activity, including recipe cards, stories and ads around different meals and occasions. In addition, we put some of the influencer recipes on Mission’s website, giving them a photo shoot to create a branded menu of recipes.

Mission influencers


Across 2023, we worked with over 50 influencers to create 80 recipes spanning a whole range of meal occasions. Through this influencer-generated content alone, we reached nearly 7 million people and generated over 150,000 engagements.

We started to inspire more and more user-generated content, with many users tagging us in their recipe creation each month. In turn, we more than tripled Mission’s social following in a year.

These marked significant successes against the campaign’s objectives and, even more encouragingly, contributed to a 4% increase in brand awareness through 2023.

The campaign has also paved the way for future collaborations, building positive relationships between the brand and a whole range of food-based content creators. Influencers are now actively reaching out to the brand, wanting to create content.


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