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We’ve been acquired!

...and it’s a good thing!

Following a few really successful years at the agency, with 22% increases in revenue year on year, and a team more than 25 strong, we began looking for ways to expand our capabilities and launch our next phase of growth. Fast forward to the last few months of discussions and we’re pleased to finally announce that the agency has been acquired by MMR Group. Acquisitions often carry certain connotations, but we’re happy to report that the partnership is nothing but advantageous for everyone.

MMR is one of the UK’s leading research agencies with around 280 staff and £40m turnover. They also have a strong international presence with offices around the world including London, New York, Singapore and São Paulo to name a few. Their research clients include an impressive array of brands, and much like us, their specialist areas of expertise include food and drink and healthcare. MMR is building an agency group as part of a strategy to widen the MMR footprint. They already have a film and video production company, a branding consultancy and a food innovations consultancy. Together adds a key set of skills to the mix that will expand MMR’s offering while also strengthening our own.

Over the coming weeks and months everything will continue as normal as we work together leveraging the strengths of each other’s contacts, skills and reach. Nothing changes in the way we deliver projects or our relationship with our clients. Our name is here to stay and you’ll still find us working out of our studio on Bridlesmith Gate in Nottingham, although thanks to MMR, we also now have access to a swanky London office. Even JT and Nick are sticking around, continuing to run the company, working with MMR’s Board, Management Team and MMR shareholders.

As you can tell, MMR will be very hands-off, leaving us to run the agency, but supporting us where we need it. This allows our focus to remain solely on Together and delivering the best service we can for our clients. Now that’s got to be good news.

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