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2024 Vision: Navigating the Social Media Landscape

The digital world is ready for another transformative year as we set our sights on 2024. Within the social media landscape, strategic shifts and emerging trends are calling brands to explore new avenues. Read on for some of the key focus areas that will shape our social media narrative in the coming year.

The digital world is ready for another transformative year as we set our sights on 2024. Within the social media landscape, strategic shifts and emerging trends are calling brands to explore new avenues. Read on for some of the key focus areas that will shape our social media narrative in the coming year.

The Continued Rise of Relatability

Insights from 2023: Authentic Content Takes CentrE Stage

In the records of social media evolution, 2023 witnessed a huge shift towards authentic content. Users gravitated towards relatable stories, genuine experiences, and content that resonated with their daily lives. This in turn led to a rise in user-generated content (UGC). More and more brands are using UGC to promote their brand online, it’s an easy way for them to get relatable people and content in front of their audience.

Projections for 2024: Enhanced Focus on User-Generated Content

Looking ahead to 2024, our social media strategy forecast foresees an even greater emphasis on UGC. The landscape will see a surge in brands actively involving their audiences in content creation, fostering a sense of community and authenticity. Brands must be ready to harness the power of UGC, transforming audiences into co-creators and creating content that resonates with the audience.

Leveraging Micro-Influencers: Driving Targeted Engagement

Micro-influencers emerged as unsung heroes in the social media saga of 2023, offering authentic voices with niche appeal. Our projections for 2024 show an amplification of this trend, with micro-influencers playing a pivotal role in driving targeted engagement. Looking to find out more about influencer marketing and how it could work for your brand? Head over to our recent blog.

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TikTok's Dominance in Short-Form Video

TikTok's 2023 Triumph: Ownership of Short-Form Video Content

We believe that in 2024, TikTok will stand tall as the undisputed ruler of short-form video content. In 2023, the platform triumphed in reshaping how users engage with brief yet impactful videos, setting the stage for a continued reign in the coming year. If your brand is new to TikTok or if you’re looking to learn more about the platform, you can find out more in our TikTok for Business Guide.

Soft Launching in 2024: The Jack Harlow Effect

Drawing inspiration from artists like Jack Harlow, who strategically 'soft-launch' music on TikTok before official releases, we can expect brands to explore the untapped potential of this trend. The 'soft-launch' strategy creates a buzz around products before their official introduction, leveraging TikTok's viral nature to make sound bites go viral even before hitting other platforms.


The social media landscape is about to witness an incredible shift with X, formerly known as Twitter, under the helm of the ever-unpredictable Elon Musk. As we step into 2024, there are many speculations surrounding Musk's plans for X, anticipating how this transformative force could reshape the dynamics of social media.


Brands are making strategic decisions about their social media presence, and a notable trend is the departure from platforms that no longer provide perceived value. Twitter, WhatsApp, and others are witnessing a shift as brands critically evaluate their ROI on these platforms. It will be interesting to see if more and more brands start phasing these platforms out and focus on the more popular platforms.


In the world of digital advancements, artificial intelligence (AI) is playing a bigger role in how people make choices. We already know that different groups of people will react and behave differently depending on the situation/product or brand. AI software is now being used to help dive deeper into these decision processes, and we think that it will continue to grow and help brands learn more about audience journeys.

The use of AI during the customer journey could be great to help brands deliver content or products to customers at the exact time it is needed. We’re particularly excited to see how AI will progress next year - especially considering its rapid growth this year.

Evolution of the Creator Economy

Observations on the Current State of the Creator Economy

We’re always observing the current state of this dynamic ecosystem, analysing how creators of all sizes are shaping trends, influencing audiences, and redefining the relationship between content and consumers. We believe that this is only going to continue to grow. It’s safe to say the creator economy has become a powerhouse.

Speculations on Pricing Trends: Are Smaller Creators Charging More?

An interesting aspect of the creator economy is the pricing strategies employed by creators, especially smaller ones. There's a noticeable shift where even the smallest creators seem to be charging substantial amounts for their content. The demand for influencers and content creators is growing as more brands are discovering the power of UGC, as we spoke about earlier. This could explain why smaller content creators are upping prices and getting involved in this UGC content revolution.

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Navigating the Evolving Social Media Landscape: 2024 Vision

As we step into 2024, we are geared up for a transformative year in the constantly evolving social media world.

We believe the focus will remain on UGC, micro-influencers, and the reign of TikTok. Looking back, 2023 saw authenticity taking the limelight, driving a surge in UGC. In the coming year, we foresee an even stronger emphasis on UGC, turning audiences into co-creators as micro-influencers continue to play a key role in targeted engagement. In the creator economy, smaller creators will adjust pricing strategies, reflecting the increasing demand in the era of UGC, and placing even more emphasis on ‘earned’ UGC from engaged communities.

TikTok's triumph in reshaping short-form video engagement is set to continue in 2024, with brands exploring the 'soft-launch' strategy. The landscape also witnesses strategic shifts, including brands leaving platforms lacking perceived value. Finally, artificial intelligence is becoming integral, influencing audience decisions across diverse demographics.

2024 promises to be a dynamic chapter for social media.

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Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

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