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Gemma Bullimore LR
May 2024 | insights, digital

Pathways to Perfection: Transforming Experiences with User Journey Mapping

When it comes to a website or digital product the main question any business should ask is ‘How do people actually use our product or site?’ To find your answer to this question you need to understand the whole experience from a user's perspective. We sat down with our Creative Director, Gemma, to discuss everything you need to know about user journey maps and how the team tackles any digital product project.

Mark Bullimore
Feb 2024 | people, digital

Going Beyond Pixels With Our Senior UX/UI Designer

Today we’re going behind the ‘screens’ as we speak to our Senior UX/UI Designer, Mark, about his role here at Together, some of the projects he’s been involved with and his thoughts on trends and the future of UX/UI. Let’s jump into the world of digital design.

Phone with Pop Up
Feb 2024 | insights, digital

Cross-Platform App Development: The Key to Reaching a Wider Audience

Today we’re talking about cross-platform app development; a vital consideration to ensure your app works across devices and doesn't limit your audience. We’ll cover exactly what cross-platform app development means, ways to approach the available routes and some trends to factor in for the future. Let’s get coding!

Ux blog
Aug 2023 | insights, digital, brand

Crafting Lasting Impressions: The Critical Link between User Experience (UX) and Brand Perception

The success of a brand isn't just about the products or services it offers; it's also about the kind of experience it gives to users. Our Head of Digital, Ben Atkins, explores the connection between UX and brand perception, showing how a smooth, user-friendly online experience can create lasting memories in the minds of customers.

Blog cover
Jun 2023 | insights, digital, brand

10 reasons why a Digital Strategy is a must for your brand

Businesses must adapt to keep up with the latest trends. In order to do this effectively, having a clear digital strategy that leverages digital channels to engage with customers, build brand awareness, and drive sales is vital. In this article, our Head of Digital, Ben Atkins, explores ten reasons why your business needs a digital strategy.

Bens blog wide
May 2023 | insights, digital, be-sci

Beyond Aesthetics: The Role of Behavioural Psychology in Website Design

Our Head of Digital, Ben Atkins, explains how understanding the principles of behavioural psychology can make a big difference to the success of your website.

Gemma ux blog
Apr 2023 | insights, digital

6 UX Goals You Should Set To Create Amazing User Experiences

We sat down with our Creative Director, Gemma Bullimore, to chat about what user experience means for her, and the UX goals she follows for each project.

Time illo blog
Apr 2023 | insights, digital, be-sci

Psychology of time: how to lose track of time on a website

By Professor Mark Haselgrove, Behavioural Scientist. In this blog, Mark takes a look at how the use of emotion and colour can manipulate an online experience.

PPC landing page uxui 3
Dec 2022 | people, work, digital

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