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Tik Tok vs You Tube blog cover
Feb 2024 | insights, TikTok, Social

Navigating The Video Landscape: YouTube vs TikTok

Get ready to hit play on the ultimate video content showdown as we’ve put YouTube and TikTok in the ring to explore the role both platforms play in the digital landscape. Where attention spans collide with creativity, we’re going to be dissecting the key differences between the two and the age-old debate of short vs long video content.

Tiktok blog
Dec 2023 | insights, TikTok, Social

Upcoming TikTok Trends: How to Stay Ahead in 2024

As we kick off 2024, the question on every social media marketer's lips is ‘What can we expect for the year ahead?’ Well, we’ve got our predictions for how TikTok will look for the coming 12 months.

Power of Tik Tok blog cover
Oct 2023 | insights, TikTok, Social

TikTok For Business: The Ultimate Guide

Welcome to Together’s Guide to TikTok for Business! TikTok has rapidly emerged as a dynamic and influential social media platform. It offers brands a unique opportunity to engage with a vast and diverse audience. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of TikTok marketing strategies and provide you with valuable insights and practical tips to help boost your brand's visibility and success on this exciting platform.

Tik Tock to Tik Tok BLOG HEADER
Sept 2023 | insights, TikTok, Social

From TikTok to Tick Tock: Managing your content creations across social media platforms

Social media is constantly evolving with new features, platforms, and trends popping up daily. So, if you’re a brand trying to keep on top of it all AND make captivating content, it may be time to sit down and plan out your social offering in more depth. In this blog, we’ll explore the core challenges brands experience when managing their content across social platforms, the importance of a strong social strategy, and how TikTok can be utilised for your brand.

Tiktok illo wide bw
Sept 2023 | insights, TikTok, Social

Getting your brand seen on TikTok vs Meta – a deep dive into the TikTok Algorithm

With the 'For You Page' a powerful tool for understanding user behaviour and needs, TikTok’s algorithm is unlike many other social platforms. With the potential to boost content to thousands of new users and gain unparalleled exposure for brands, we’re digging into the TikTok algorithm, and how you can work it to your advantage.

Tiktok blog
Aug 2023 | insights, TikTok, Social

The Shelf Life of a TikTok Trend – Don’t let your brand fall behind

If your brand is on TikTok, the key to long-term success is actually in the content with the shortest shelf life: Trends. Jump on an emerging trend with the right content and you could see your brand’s engagement and recognition skyrocket. Read on to find out how to apply trends to your brand on TikTok.

Tiktok illo wide bw
Jul 2023 | insights, TikTok, Social

Millennials on TikTok: How TikTok’s audience is diversifying

Mention TikTok and the thought of Gen Z isn’t far behind. The tech-savvy and trendsetting generation initially made the platform explode in popularity, but they’re far from the only demographic on the app. In this blog, we will delve into how millennials are using TikTok, what they are watching, and how brands can maximize their presence in front of this engaged audience.

Tiktok illo wide
Apr 2023 | insights, TikTok, Social

TikTok-ing Your Brand to the Next Level

With over 2 billion downloads and counting, TikTok is the new sensation in the social media world. But is it just for teenagers dancing to the latest trends? Think again. We dive into the world of TikTok marketing and see how your brand can benefit from it.

Tiktok new google
Oct 2022 | insights, TikTok

Is TikTok becoming the new Google?

Jess, our Junior Creative, breaks down why so many users are turning to TikTok rather than a search engine.